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The Moms of Swazey Farms

Happy Mothers Day to all the moms out there!! At Swazey Farms, were all about family. There's a few ultra-special moms out there who helped get us where we are today. It's important that we recognize the women who supported us at every turn. From an early age, they encouraged us to appreciate the outdoors and everything nature had to offer us and were happy to include them in the future of Swazey Farms.


Mindy the Chicken Whisperer! All the way from the Soto family farm in Patillas, PR, Mindy has been a hard worker at the farm. Swazey Farm's first green house was built right in her back yard! She's especially fond of the chickens and proudly raises them from eggs in her incubator. We can't thank her enough for all her efforts. :)

Green Thumb Joanie! When it comes to the garden, there's no one more knowledgable--and she's shared all that know-how with us. It all began with a few chickens in a tiny coop in her backyard and blossomed into so much more. She's the Green Queen of recycling and re-using and we're thankful for her love and support over the years. <3

Meet Amelia! Our farms resident grandmom who, despite being in her 90's, still attends our Swazey Farm outings. She’s no stranger to farm life and knows her way around the chickens, but she's not afraid of the bees either. Her involvement means that 3 generations have made their mark on the Swazey legacy so far.

Sales Lady Sandy! She is one of the biggest supporters of Swazey and is always rounding up the orders and delivering them to customers. But make no mistake, she's not afraid to get those fancy fingernails dirty. Sandy is always willing to help out in the greenhouse or in the chicken coop. We're forever grateful for her.

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