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An agriculturalist through and through, Josue has spent years exploring all aspects of farming.  After a 2016 visit to his ancestral farm in Puerto Rico, Josue returned to NJ dedicated to reviving the spirit of the "Garden State."  A graduate of the Philadelphia Bee Guild's mentorship program, he was later to be chosen to serve as Board Member and Apiary Manager for the City of Philadelphia.  He has also completed Jean Martin Fortier's intensive perma-culture course.  He's previously served as the 3rd Vice President of the South Jersey Bee Keepers Association.  Today he devotes his free time to studying new methods of sustainability and sharing them with others around the globe.  


Business Manager

A US Army Veteran with agrarian roots in the Atco, NJ area, Randy embarked on his journey in 2015 with a few backyard chickens.  This paved the way for a host of other livestock endeavors.  He has enjoyed the world of beekeeping that was introduced to him by his partner-in-crime, Josue.  He is a graduate of the Philadelphia Bee Guild's mentorship program and the University of Michigan Heroes to Hives program.  His latest passion is the world of hot peppers and he's excited to share his creations with the world, soon!

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