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Josue, a true agriculturalist at heart, has dedicated years to exploring every facet of farming. Following a poignant 2016 visit to his ancestral farm in Puerto Rico, Josue returned to New Jersey with a steadfast commitment to revitalizing the essence of the 'Garden State.'

     A graduate of the Philadelphia Bee Guild's mentorship program, Josue's expertise led to his selection as a Board Member and Apiary Manager for the City of Philadelphia. His journey further expanded through the completion of Jean Martin Fortier's intensive permaculture course, adding layers of depth to his sustainable farming knowledge.

    Having previously served as the Vice President of the South Jersey Bee Keepers Association, Josue's passion extends beyond local boundaries. Today, he dedicates his free time to the relentless pursuit of studying innovative sustainability methods, generously sharing his wealth of knowledge with enthusiasts and practitioners worldwide.


Co-Owner/ Business Manager

Meet Randy Pearce, our esteemed Business Manager, and a proud US Army Veteran with deep agrarian roots in the Atco, NJ area. Randy commenced his farming journey in 2015, starting with a modest flock of backyard chickens. This initial venture paved the way for a myriad of other livestock endeavors.

Introduced to the captivating world of beekeeping by his partner-in-crime, Josue, Randy's enthusiasm for this craft knows no bounds. A distinguished graduate of the Philadelphia Bee Guild's mentorship program and the University of Michigan Heroes to Hives program, Randy brings a wealth of knowledge to our team.

       Beyond his managerial role, Randy's true passion lies in nurturing the next generation of young farmers and beekeepers. His commitment to education echoes in every aspect of his work, making him an invaluable asset to our mission at Swazey Farms.

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The Volunteers of Swazey Farms

We couldn't do this alone and especially not without these fine folks!!



Apprentice & Farm Hand

Daryan has been an apprentice at Swazey Farms for five years.  In that time he has matured into one of the most knowledgeable young beekeepers in our area.  He attends our events where he assists in educating other kids and selling Swazey products.  During bee removal season, Daryan is responsible for mounting all the comb we extract and bee-ing on standby with all the necessary tools.  He's also passionate about working with our chickens and has overseen the growth of 500 birds.  In addition to being a young beekeeper, he is an accomplished scuba diver and is the country's youngest certified underwater metal detector. 


Sales Team

Ava is perhaps the most passionate member of the family.  Her drive for sales of our Honey and Soap has led her to be named "Volunteer of the Quarter" twice in one year.  Ava's charisma for bees and children have made her an asset to our team.  She also loves raising baby chicks and naming every single one.

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Public Relations

Sandy is NEVER one to say no to a challenge, and that's why we love her.  She is not afraid to get her hands dirty on the farm, but she really shines in the barn.  Sandy is always engaged with customers and shows up to every event with a positive attitude, ready to work.  Perhaps Sandy is best known for her endless supply of games she brings to the farm, ensuring that everyone can get engaged with learning.  


Apparel and Sales

Liani is our resident fashionista and is the head of apparel development at Swazey Farms.  She's usually found behind the cash register at our events but her savvy style has made her the expert in developing a line of Swazey gear that everyone can be proud of.  Liani is currently studying sonography and will one day leave our humble farm to work in the medical field.  

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