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Swazey Farms is going to HIVE LIFE '24!

In January 2023, Josue Feliciano attended the Hive Life Conference in Tennessee. Here he met with beekeepers from across the country to trade stories, share insights and discover new innovations. On behalf of Swazey Farms he spoke with vendors and attendees in hopes of improving our efforts back home. This experience greatly influenced our success the past several months and so it was a no brainer that we would return in 2024. But then, an unexpected phone call...

A few weeks ago, Hive Life Conference chair, Dustin Wiggins, reached out to Swazey Farms with an incredible offer. Impressed with our outreach, the growth of our business, and our devotion to education he insisted that Josue and Randy attend as "Featured Speakers" at the 2024 Hive Life Conference.

The conference is scheduled from January 4th-6th at the Sevierville Convention Center. During the conference we look forward to speaking about the importance of partnerships within beekeeping and the need for greater outreach in our community. At Swazey Farms, we pride ourselves not only in the products and services we provide, but in our ability to educate and inform people. Here in the Garden State, we are slowly being choked by urban sprawl. This, however, does not mean we cannot live sustainably within our own backyards and make environmentally friendly choices on a daily basis. We have attained a great deal of "know how" over the years and we aim to share that with anyone willing to listen in order to prevent people from making the same mistakes we did.

More information about the Hive Life Conference can be found on their website or on the conference Facebook page. Anyone may attend but if you are involved in beekeeping, this conference IS A MUST! The bonds formed and education shared is PRICELESS.

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