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We couldn't be PROUDER!

We consider ourselves humble farmers, but every now and again we find an occasion to toot our own horn.  This is also important because our success comes, in large part, thanks to YOU!  So, it's only fair we share with you some awesome news.  Recently, Swazey Farms applied for the distinct "Homegrown by Heroes" certification from the Farmer Veteran Coalition.  This unique product branding allows us to showcase the fact that we are a veteran owned farm.  It also opens us up to a variety of other online marketplaces where customers are looking to patronize veteran owned businesses. 

We are beyond thrilled to announce that we were granted the rights to begin labeling our farm raised products (including Honey!) with this distinct logo.

And as if that wasn't reason enough to celebrate, we were simultaneously applying for another distinction. "Jersey Fresh" is the infamous agricultural brand of the Garden State which signifies to purchasers that their produce and other farm goods meet a rigorous standard. Farms seeking this accreditation are subject to inspection by the Department of Agricultural and are graded on freshness, cleanliness and overall quality of product.

We are even more ecstatic to report we garnered the "Jersey Fresh" rights and we will begin including this logo on our honey in 2023. (As if you needed more proof just how amazing our honey is!)

Fortunately for us, the NJ Dept. of Agricultural partnered with the Homegrown by Heroes program and created a simplified logo for the rare instance where a NJ farm achieves both of these qualifications--and thankfully they did!

You'll begin to see this combined logo on our farm created products starting this summer. We're proud of how far we come in the past year and are humbled by the growth. We know it all comes on the shoulders of many of our family and friends, and you, our extended Swazey Family. Thanks for coming along for the ride and sharing in our success. It's great to have you on our team.

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