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         In the fertile soil of Swazey Farms, the seeds of our vision were sown in 2015 with just six chickens in a makeshift coop crafted from a ramshackle dog house. What began as a modest backyard endeavor soon revealed the beautiful synergy between our efforts, the animals, and the land they called home.

        As the eggs began to roll in, our confidence in managing livestock grew, propelling us to expand our operation. At its zenith, Swazey Farms proudly raised up to 300 chickens for various local clients. However, life, in its unpredictable nature, threw a wrench into our well-laid plans.

        From this challenging period, we gleaned valuable lessons, fostering resilience that fueled our entrance into new ventures. Education became our steadfast passion, propelling us to continually explore innovative methods of sustainability. Although our current focus is primarily on bees, we embrace change and move forward with creative vigor. Some of our noteworthy ventures include:

  • Rehabbing an old chicken coop/run into a functional home for 300 birds

  • Creation of a rainwater collection system capable of holding 200 gallons of recycled rainwater

  • Raising and breeding of goats

  • Raising and breeding of quail

  • Development of agricultural education initiatives presented to hundreds of kids

  • Established two ponds (150 gallon and 700 gallon) used as a pollinator water source

  • Construction of a 40' open air hoop-house and 40' greenhouse

  • Propagation of 600 lavender plants from plugs

  • Creation of 100 cu.ft. organic compost pile devised form beneficial bacteria

  • Apiary expansion from 2 hives to 50.  

These ventures, born from our dedication and passion, are the living testament to the evolution and growth of Swazey Farms.

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