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Swarms Galore!

Its been a busy two weeks here at Swazey Farms..Swarm Season is in full swing. Not only are we actively going out into the community to wrangle and rescue lost honeybees, were also managing our farm hives to prevent swarming.

Two weeks ago we participated in the Heads to Cleats festival in Gloucester City which sought to raise awareness about mental health issues. Swazey Farms had an observation hive on display and even let brave passerbys hold some bees in their hands! Shout out to all the friends we made that day!

In the past two weeks weve rescued swarms from all across our area including Glendora, Blackwood, Audubon, Pittsgrove, West Deptford, Laurel Springs, Collingswood and Haddonfield--just to name a few. No matter we show up, we love talking to residents and educating people all about bees.

We were especially impressed when we arrived at a late day swarm call in Blackwood. While Josue extracted some bees from atop a neighbors tree, Randy spent some time meeting the neighborhood and educating residents of all things bee related. Most notable was the bee-knowledge demonstrated by 9yo Dayton. He spouted off some pretty important facts about bees he had acquired in his 9 years and even solicited us for a job!! We love to see this passion for bees and agriculture, especially at such a young age. Below is a picture of Dayton who was able to snag a photo while bravely holding a drone, workwr bee, AND QUEEN all in one photo (a first for Swazey Farms). We couldnt be prouder of this kid and look forward to working with him in the future.

Moments like this remind us just how important our mission is. All the jars of honey sold don't compare in value to making a kid smile while holding some of our bees.

We want to thank all our fans and followers and anyone who has referred us to their friends. It means the world that so many people turn to Swazey Farms for all their bee related issues. to our next swarm! See you out there!

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