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The vision of Swazey Farms began in 2015 with six chickens in a small backyard coop fashioned out of a ramshackle dog house.  Early on we realized the synergy of our efforts, our animals and the land they occupied.  

As the eggs rolled in, we became confident in our abilities to manage livestock and began to expand our operation.  At its peak, Swazey Farms was raising as many as 300 chickens for various local clients.  As we perfected this operation, life (As it tends to do) threw a wrench in the mix.  

From this tribulation, we learned many things and proceeded confidently into new endeavors.  Education is our passion and we're always researching new methods of sustainability.  While our present day focus is primarily bees, we welcome change and will move creatively forward.  Some of our more notable ventures include:

  • Rehabing an old chicken coop/run into a functional home for 300 birds

  • Creation of a rainwater collection system capable of holding 200 gallons of recycled rainwater

  • Raising and breeding goats

  • Development of agricultural education initiatives presented to hundreds of kids

  • Established two ponds (150 gallon and 700 gallon) used as a pollinator water source

  • Construction of a 40' open air hoop-house and 40' greenhouse

  • Propagation of 600 lavender plants from plugs

  • Creation of 100 cu.ft. organic compost pile devised form beneficial bacteria

  • Apiary expansion from 2 hives to 36.  

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